VOGUE LA GALERE is the first MISSRI album as a frontman. 

He has composed a repertory of unpublished songs. The artist is influenced by musics and sounds from North America. He does some electric-folk, Bluegrass close to the rock, Americana and mostly some psychedelic rock with lyrics in French.

Toutes voiles devant
Un baiser dans l’espace
Son truc à elle
Tout est possible entre vous deux
Cartels du rêve
Je t’ai fourni la corde
Action 18 désir 22
Elle ne dit jamais peut-être
La limite des usages
La vraie nature de l’homme
Avida Dollares

Lyrics and music by Stéphane Missri (published by Editions Amoc)

Stéphane Missri (Voice, Guitar, banjo)
Paul Susen (Fiddle, Alto Violon)
Christian Poidevin (Harmonica, Guitar, Voice)
Jean-Marie Daviaud (Mandolin)

Marten Ingle (Double bass)
Marty Vickers (Drums)

Produced by Paul Bessone for Juste Une Trace

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana | Studio 180
Photographs by Edith Gaudy
Design by Corinne Garino